Scheme Photomontages

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2019 Photomontages developed as part of the design development process are shown below. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Riverside walkway near St Mary's Cemetery on N11

Appendix F_photomontages_01

Riverside walkway north of town

Appendix F_photomontages_02

Slaney-side rear of residences on Island Road

Appendix F_photomontages_03

Enniscorthy Train Station

Appendix F_photomontages_04

Railway bridge over Slaney at Island Road/N11

Appendix F_photomontages_05

Slaney Place/N11 close to Enniscorthy Bridge

Appendix F_photomontages_06

Corner of Shannon Quay/N11 and Enniscorthy Bridge

Appendix F_photomontages_07

Enniscorthy Bridge/N11 over River Slaney

Appendix F_photomontages_08

Abbey Quay/N11

Appendix F_photomontages_09

Rooftop of Enniscorthy Castle

Appendix F_photomontages_10

Shannon Quay

Appendix F_photomontages_11

Vinegar Hill

Appendix F_photomontages_12

Abbey Quay

Appendix F_photomontages_13

Shannon Quay/N11

Appendix F_photomontages_14

Location of proposed footbridge

Appendix F_photomontages_15

Abbey Square (Junction N30 and N11)

Appendix F_photomontages_16

Seamus Rafter Bridge

Appendix F_photomontages_17

Promenade near Super Value Carpark

Appendix F_photomontages_18

Promenade south of Seamus Rafter Bridge

Appendix F_photomontages_19

Ballroom Terrace of the Riverside Park Hotel

Appendix F_photomontages_20

N11 opposite Riverside Park Hotel

Appendix F_photomontages_21

Grounds of the National 1798 Centre

Appendix F_photomontages_22

Elevated location of Esmonde Road 

Appendix F_photomontages_23

Riverside walk south of Riverside Park Hotel

Appendix F_photomontages_24

Riverside walk south of Riverside Park Hotel

Appendix F_photomontages_25

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