2012 Public Display

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In 2012, in response to feedback provided at the Public Exhibition, OPW and Wexford County Council held a Public Display to update the pubic on revisions made to the scheme. Documents from this Public Display can be downloaded from here.

2425DR001-Scheme Overview

2425DR002-Scheme Proposal Sheet 1 of 6

2425DR003-Scheme Proposal Sheet 2 of 6

2425DR004-Scheme Proposal Sheet 3 of 6

2425DR005-Scheme Proposal Sheet 4 of 6

2425DR006-Scheme Proposal Sheet 5 of 6

2425DR007-Scheme Proposal Sheet 6 of 6

2425DR009-Scheme Long Section

2012 EIS Addendum





Shannon Quay 5 Glass wall

Shannon Quay 4 Glass wall

Shannon Quay 6 Glass Wall

Shannon after wide

Shannon Quay

Pedestrian Bridge

Promenade Glass wall

Promenade 2 Glass wall

Promenade 3 Glass Wall

Abbey Quay 3 Glass Wall

Abbey Quay Glass wall

Abbey Quay 2 Glass wall

Shannon Quay 3 Glass wall

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