2009 Public Exhibition

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River Slaney (Enniscorthy) Drainage Scheme

Public Exhibition

17th February to 18th March 2009

Landowners whose property, it was proposed, would be interfered with, and members of the Public were invited to attend a Public Exhibition in Enniscorthy between 17th February and 18th March 2009.

The Exhibition Drawings can be downloaded from here:

2087DR001-Scheme Overview

2087DR002-Scheme Proposals Sheet 1 of 6

2087DR003-Scheme Proposal Sheet 2 of 6

2087DR004-Scheme Proposal Sheet 3 of 6

2087DR005-Scheme Proposal Sheet 4 of 6

2087DR006-Scheme Proposal Sheet 5 of 6

2087DR007-Scheme Proposal Sheet 6 of 6

2087DR009-Scheme Long Section

2087DR010-Scheme Cross Sections Sheet 1 of 5

2087DR011-Scheme Cross Sections Sheet 2 of 5

2087DR012-Scheme Cross Sections Sheet 3 of 5

2087DR013-Scheme Cross Sections Sheet 4 of 5

2087DR014-Scheme Cross Sections Sheet 5 of 5

2087DR015-Scheme Benefit Drawing

Environmental Impact Assessment

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