Foreshore Consent Application 2020

1.0 Application Form

Standard Application Form

2.0 Mapping

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0129_P01 Foreshore Lease/Licence Application Drawing Index

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0130_P01 Dredging/Widening Foreshore Licence Map

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0131_P01 Pedestrian Bridge Foreshore Licence Map

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0132_P01 Seamus Rafter Bridge Demolition Foreshore Licence Map

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0133_P01 Proposed Road Bridge Foreshore Licence Map

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0134_P01 Foreshore Lease Map

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0135_P01 Slipway Foreshore Lease Map

3.0 British Admiralty Chart

Admiralty Chart BA 1410 Saint George’s Channel

4.0 Scheme Drawings

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0397_P01 Drawing Index

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0400_P05 Public Exhibition Key Plan

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0401_P06 Flood Defences Plan – Sheet 1 of 6

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0402_P08 Flood Defences Plan – Sheet 2 of 6

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0403_P07 Flood Defences Plan – Sheet 3 of 6

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0404_P07 Flood Defences Plan – Sheet 4 of 6

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0405_P06 Flood Defences Plan – Sheet 5 of 6

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0406_P06 Flood Defences Plan – Sheet 6 of 6

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0407_P04 River Dredging – Longitudinal Section – Sheet 1 of 2

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0408_P04 River Dredging – Longitudinal Section – Sheet 2 of 2

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0409_P04 Flood Defences -Details – Sheet 1 of 4

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0410_P05 Flood Defences -Details – Sheet 2 of 4

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0411_P05 Flood Defences -Details – Sheet 3 of 4

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0412_P05 Flood Defences -Details – Sheet 4 of 4

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0413_P04 Benefit Drawing

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0420_P04 Site Access – Sheet 1 of 2

355741-MMD-00-XX-DR-N-0421_P04 Site Access – Sheet 2 of 2

60516655-SHT-20-0000-L-0010-E Enniscorthy Flood Defence General Arrangement Sheet 1 of 3

60516655-SHT-20-0000-L-0011-E Enniscorthy Flood Defence General Arrangement Sheet 2 of 3

60516655-SHT-20-0000-L-0012-E Enniscorthy Flood Defence General Arrangement Sheet 3 of 3

60516655-SHT-20-0000-L-7501-G Enniscorthy Flood Defence General Sections

EFDS-ROD-SBR-RSB-SK-CB-50020 River Slaney Bridge and Approach Roads Location Plan

EFDS-ROD-SBR-RSB-SK-CB-50021 River Slaney Bridge Elevation and Sections

EFDS-ROD-SBR-RSB-SK-CB-50022 Rendered Images

ENN-ACM-ZZ-ZZ-DR-AR-10108 Pedestrian Footbridge Proposed Section & Elevation

ENN-ACM-ZZ-ZZ-DR-AR-10109 Pedestrian Footbridge Proposed Visualisations

5.0 Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR)

Non-Technical Summary 355741-R-010-D

EIAR Main Text 355741-R-011-E

EIAR Appendices

Appendix A – Scheme Supporting Information

Appendix A1 – Exhibition Drawings

Appendix A2 – Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) March 2019

Appendix B – Scheme Alternatives Assessment Royal Haskinong (2009) and ROD Bridge Review Report

Appendix C – Biodiversity

Appendix D – Hydrology and Geomorphology

Appendix E – Ground Investigations Interpretative Report

Appendix F – Landscape and Visual Photomontages

Appendix G – Archaeology and Architectural Heritage

Appendix H – Air Quality and Climate

6.0 Natura Impact Statement (NIS)

Natura Impact Statement (NIS) Main Text

NIS Appendices

Appendix A – AA Screening report (Scott Cawley, 2018)

Appendix B – Interim Construction Environmental Management Plan (Mott MacDonald, 2019)

Appendix C – Back Channel Restoration (Ecofact, Mar 2018)

Appendix D – Macrophyte Survey (Denyer Ecology, Jul 2017)

Appendix E – Oak Woodland Survey (Denyer Ecology, Jul 2017)

Appendix F – Wet Woodland Survey (Denyer Ecology, Jul 2017)

Appendix G – Mammal Survey Report (Scott Cawley, Jan 2019)

Appendix H – Bird Baseline Surveys (Eleanor Mayes, Mar 2018)

Appendix I – Aquatic Ecology Survey (Ecofact, Mar 2018)

Appendix J – Freshwater Pearl Mussel Survey (Ecofact, Sep 2016)

Appendix K – Aquatic Molluscs Margaritifera Margaritifera and Anodonta Anatina (Dr E. Moorkens)

Appendix L – A Survey of Habitat Condition for the Freshwater Pearl Mussel (Dr E. Moorkens, Nov 2016)

Appendix M – Hydrology and Geomorphology Study (Mott MacDonald, 2018)

Appendix N – Alluvial Woodland Condition Assessment and Future Prospects (Denyer Ecology, Mar 2018)

Appendix O – A Protocol for the Translocation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel (Dr E. Moorkens, Aug 2017)

Appendix P – An Assessment of Hydrological, Hydrogeological and Geomorphological Conditions Part 1 (Dr E. Moorkens, Feb 2018)

Appendix Q – An Assessment of Hydrological, Hydrogeological and Geomorphological Conditions Part 2 (Dr E. Moorkens, Jul 2018)

Appendix R – Fish Translocation Salvage Outline Methodology (Ecofact, Apr 2018)

7.0 Property-Related Owner Permissions/Wayleaves

Landowner Drawings & Index

8.0 Supplementary Information

Foreshore Lease Licence Application Information Submitted Summary 229355741-R-001-D